Between Worlds - The Album!

If you have seen me in the last year and a half, or follow my blog, you know what an epic journey it has been making this album.  Between Worlds is about that place that is both separation and unity. It is neither East nor West, but is affected by both.

Writing, recording, and arranging this music has been a deeper process than I expected. We gave ourselves time. We didn't burden ourselves with expectations or limitations. We let it unfold, and it has helped us grow as artists and musicians. We made videos along the way, and really felt what the songs were trying to tell us and what we could offer them.

We fell in love, with each other and with the complexities and simplicity of the worlds around us. We became aware of their effects on us. Sometimes even music can keep us in boxes. We call it genres, whether its country or folk, hip-hop or jazz, Indian classical or world fusion.. Can we just have it all? We are not one thing or one sound. We are genre fluid, and in this project we let ourselves play and explore. In the music business it is hard to live your truth, the pressure is usually to do otherwise, and giving in to that can really kill the flow. The truth is that music itself is expansive and has nothing to do with business. Recording, performing, and playing with other musicians, that is our joy and our life, and I'm so grateful for it. 

This album brings so many things together – languages, styles and stories. I don't want to be too introspective about it anymore, now I just want to let it all wash over us and enjoy this musical playground that we have found. Working with Ken Shorley has been amazing. We are always inspiring each other to go further and loving the result. This is our first full recording project together as co-producers and we have really grown from it. We can't wait to share it with you.

Between Worlds will be released on October 19th at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville, NS. After that it will be available online, or from the stage. It will be available on CD and on vinyl.  I'm so curious about where we will take it, so far it has taken us to places we've never been musically. We will tour it first in India, then BC and then see what happens next. Thanks to all who are supporting us, sharing with us and inspiring us along the way.