A lifelong musician who has graced stages from Beijing to Bombay to the islands of British Columbia, Sahara is a natural performer with an onstage presence which audiences find both disarming and spellbinding. 

Sahara’s musical world has always had many sides. Her mixed cultural background can be heard in her songwriting as she easily navigates between the direct punch of a love song, and the intricate sonic wizardry of South Asian raga. 

Starting as a teenager, she hit the road with her sister Kamila, touring folk clubs and festivals across Canada. In recent years, Sahara has been cultivating a sound that includes her South Asian roots. Along with guitar, she plays the sarangi, a haunting string instrument that was once popular in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, but now is played by few. Her sound blends East and West with old and new, as her partner Ken Shorley adds world percussion and electronic layers to her compositions. 

Her solo recordings include the lovestruck country-toned Lonesome Sky (2012) and the world-fusion album, Between Worlds (2019).