Himalayan Hand Weaving

I am back in India, this time in the Himalayas.. Manali to be specific. What a beautiful world. It has been too long since I wrote.. so for one post, there is too much to write about. Life here, life before I left canada... working with Blue Lotus and the way that feels like coming home... and ooh oohh  I haven't even mentioned the big new project that is brewing and is almost ready to be fully realized... you will have to ask your sister what that is. I will reveal it in a post very soon. Before that let's talk about Manali. Sheep. Mountains. Hand looms and weaving.

Some may have noticed that I am wearing this green woollen stole in a number of photos taken over this past year in a bunch different places. I have travelled too much this year perhaps, and this stole has come with me everywhere. It is so soft, and so warm and so light, I always love having it with me. Well, this is the where it was made, the Kullu region in the Himalayas. The hand weaving and traditional designs from here are famous for the craftsmanship and quality. I love this stole so much that when Ji Myeng asked if I wanted to work with him to send some back to canada, I was all in. Sometimes I sell jewellery that my friends make, or scarves that Ji and I have designed at shows in Canada, so those who come to my shows or blue lotus shows will have a chance to see them and buy them. There is also another opportunity, Heidi Kalyani from Blue Lotus is organizing TAZA, Indian Gift Bazaar in Wolfville, NS. If you can make it, there is going to be amazing stuff there.. Check it out: