Carrying Salmon Upriver in Bowmanville and canoe sailing around the Thousand Islands...

So aside from our wonderful visits with friends and the sweet shows on this tour, there were some things I would love to share...

One inspiring moment was a walk down by the river with our friends Aubrey and Koren and family, where they took us to see the salmon run in Bowmanville... The community raised a ton of money to build a new fish ladder so the salmon and trout could make it up the river to spawn. But the fish ran early and the water was too low and they could not make it over the dam, so the community HAND LIFTED them up!!! In hip waders, rain or shine, volunteers have now lifted more than 5000 fish over the dam!

Click here for some good pics!

Another beautiful experience was Canoe sailing around the Thousand Islands with my friend Hilary Calnan. She and her husband Joe run Rivercraft - they build the boats and they are both trained guides who take people out for days at a time, camping and sailing... this pic isn't us, but it gives you an idea. SO much fun!!!

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