ASHK - An evening of World Music

Denton Hall, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS

ASHK is the latest project from the Nasr sisters and Ken Shorley. Ariana, Sahara, and Kamila Nasr, together with Ken Shorley are Wolfville locals who have all devoted their lives to music. Their curiosity and passion have taken them all over the world. They have learned from great teachers in many countries, and they now perform music in multiple languages and styles, playing a variety of instruments. The name of the group, ASHK, means “love” in Turkish and “tear” in Persian.

The show takes us on an international tour as we follow Ariana to France, Eastern Europe and beyond, hearing the sounds of Edith Piaf, the Roma, Israel, and Russia. We will join Sahara as she explores the music of India and Pakistan, the Sufi poetry of Rumi and as she crafts her own blend by mixing these styles with English folk music. Kamila will bring us to Portugal through the Fado style, to Brazil with hip hop and treat us to Chinese pop and Afghan-Celtic fusion. The versatile Ken Shorley will transport us to the Middle East, South Asia and Turkey as he flows effortlessly among instruments and styles.

The joy of the musicians is contagious as they share with the audience and each other the experience of learning music around the world. It is both enriching and uplifting to be part of this journey with them. ASHK is re-uniting for one last show this year at Acadia University’s Denton Hall on October 22 at 8:00pm. Tickets are $20 or $10 for students or underwaged. They are available in advance at The Box of Delights in Wolfville and online at