New album and a cross-Canada tour!

Hitting the Road Again!  Yay!!

It is finally spring, and though I can't feel it outside yet here in chilly Nova Scotia, I can feel it on the inside :) We have big news! We are releasing our new album…

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Seasons - a New Music Video!


We finally finished our music video for Seasons! This was a really fun project. It took us all year, as I really wanted to get the right look and feel for each verse (or season) so the meaning of the…

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Between Worlds - The Album!

If you have seen me in the last year and a half, or follow my blog, you know what an epic journey it has been making this album.  Between Worlds is about that place that is both separation and unity… Read more

New Video!

This year I am in the process of writing for a new album. The music is international and self reflective, electronic and acoustic, inspired by Indian music studies, a lot of travel, and a constant desire to dance and enjoy…

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Special moments in Goa

Life continues to be a constant stream of absorbing happenings... There is always so much going on and I tend to be carried off by the currents much of the time. It is this part of my nature that allows… Read more


 Deep Roots Music Festival in Nova Scotia has just finished and it feels like the season has changed for real now. It was so wonderful to play the festival with my sister Kamila and Ken Shorley.

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A Summer/Fall Update!

The summer has been busy. A new project. Two new little family members. An amazing family wedding. And now, finally after much waiting and creating... A new tour bus!!

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Cross Canada Tour

Canada is unbelievably beautiful. We just left Lillooet where every time we would exit a building, or even close our eyes and open them again, we were amazed again at the natural beauty around us. What a magical place. In… Read more


 Ken and I at the Victoria Folk Music Society!

This April I am touring with my world fusion ensemble Blue Lotus Trio on Canada's West Coast!!  In May I will be joined by multi-instrumentalist Daunt Lee from Newfoundland to tour… Read more

The Music Lesson

Learning music teaches us to listen, to feel, to understand the connections between things. It goes far beyond studying a method, an instrument or learning to perform. These are the tools we have to try to get to that place… Read more